85% of drivers believe, that they drive better then average. Over estimation of own capabilities is common to all human activities including IT. With this information in mind, “self-assessment”, internal audits, can be hardly perceived as objective information about IT quality.
  • How good is our IT ?
  • Do we manage our IT in line with best practices ?
  • Do we spend IT budget efficiently ?
  • Do we deliver IT services in quality and cost anticipated by business ?
  • Where are greatest opportunities for improvements ?
  • How IT quality compares to other IT departments ?
  • Are we better then others ?
Q4IT delivers quality assessments based on IT Quality Index framework.
  • Compatible with ISO 20000 :2011  – the globally most accepted standards for IT Service management
  • It does not use Yes/No statements, but multi scale assessment adjusted to company profile is used
  • Key attributes are scalability from detail level, depth of check, processes and services selection and management levels inclusion
  • IT Quality assessments are delivered by Accredited IT Quality Expert – AITQE.
  • Results of audit are always concrete and pointing to specifics with recommendations on how to resolve identified issues
  • Result of audit is compliant with ISO/IEC 20000, therefore they might be also used as a preparation for certification
  • Can be used for benchmarking between IT departments or compare IT organizations
  • Provides IT Quality certificate which clearly stated quality levels

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