Book IT Quality Index launched, 14th November 2017, London, Gherkin

now available globally in Van Haren publishing

Course IT Quality Index Expert – 23.8.2017 London, Liverpool st.

Visiting itSMF UK dinner 7th June 2017 and meeting with Barclay Rae, CEO itSMF UK

Book IT Quality Index is now under review of internationally recognized ITSM professionals – 19/5/2017

Pre conference dinner – 16/5/2017 Brno, Holiday Inn

London 24-25th January 2017 – IT Quality Index Expert training

CIITQP, CITQE, AITQE certifications

Read blog Trainers perspective

Read blog about the course 

Conference itSMF CZE January 2017

Conference itSMF Estonia Tallin December 2016